Tclkit support files:

Below can be found various TclKit executables for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. These files can be used along with a .kit file containing the Password Gorilla code, to launch the .kit file on each various OS.

File Arch Tcl Version
tclkit-linux-ix86 32-bit 8.5.13
tclkit-linux-x86_64 64-bit 8.5.13

Note, MacOS across its various revisions has often caused incompatible changes that cause trouble when running one of these TclKit executables. If you are on MacOS you may need to try both of the files below to determine which one works for you. Note, for newer MacOS versions, try the tclkit-8.6.6 file first.

File OS Version Arch Tcl Version
tclkit-macosx10.5-i386-x86_64 Mac OSX 10.5 64-bit
tclkit-8.6.6-MacOSX-amd64-mk-tk 64-bit 8.6.6
tclkit-8.6.6-MacOSX-amd64-mk-tk 64-bit 8.6.9

MS Windows:
File Arch Tcl Version
tclkit-win32-ix86.exe 32-bit 8.5.13
tclkit-win32-x86_64.exe 64-bit 8.5.9
tclkit-8.6.9-win32-ix86.exe 32-bit 8.6.9
tclkit-8.6.9-win64-x86_64.exe 64-bit 8.6.9
OS Independent:
File Comment
sdx-20110317.kit SDX - Utility used to create .kit files